Andrew von GregorSelf-reliant and possessed of a restless imagination, Andrew von Gregor is a fiercely private being of invisible light (living in a human form that’s mostly visible only at night), and a sapiosexual polymath who owns an unquiet mind, a robot companion he created named Vela, a gravity-defying silver spaceship (disguised as an Audi TT), and a secret Hollywood lair that functions as his home, recording studio, and scientific workshop.

Into his 7th soul now, Andrew is 335-temporal-years-old [otherwise, how on earth would he have time enough to do everything that he does here in this compendium of energy, matter, time and space?].

Born to a German-American father who was a jazz trumpet-playing featured soloist on The Lawrence Welk Show, and a Swedish-American mother who was an accomplished world-toured concert pianist, Andrew is a multi-passionate Viking-American entrepreneur, scientist, songwriter, film score composer, session musician, mix engineer, music producer, life coach, motivational speaker, author, artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. Among other things, Andrew is a pro session guitarist who plays and records guitar parts for the film, television and commercial advertising industries; an on-call guitarist hired to perform and tour with artists of all genres and career levels when their guitar player falls ill or has a family emergency; a freelance guitarist for clients the world over via his TracksByGregor™ brand; the founder and head of production at LAfreques® … and he runs, paints, writes, and builds robots in his spare time.

When not recording and performing with other artists, or composing and producing music on behalf of various entertainment industry projects, film scores, dance choreography commissions, etc., Andrew is a reclusive, semi-secret singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who writes, records and produces his own music, too. He has recorded over several-dozen unreleased full-length albums of his original music, with more songs being written and recorded every day. Occasionally he performs his music live in clubs around Los Angeles and elsewhere around the world (though usually under one of his aliases).

Andrew enjoys complete solidarity with his music; he feels no pressure to succeed in the music industry.

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.

—Nikola Tesla